Mark L. Psiaki
Professor Emeritus
Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Cornell University

ALEXIS in space

Retired in 2016 and moved to Virginia Tech
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Technical Focus

The primary emphasis is on dynamics and control, with a specialization in estimation problems and Kalman filtering. Applications of primary interest include GPS/GNSS-based navigation, GPS/GNSS receivers for new signals or unusual environments, spacecraft orbit determination, and spacecraft attitude determination & control. Efforts include the development of novel system designs/concepts, the corresponding problem models, and the associated numerical estimation algorithms. Some projects involve flight hardware and experiments or campaigns to collect remote-sensing data. Other projects are based primarily on analysis and simulation. Virtually all efforts include significant development of custom-designed numerical analysis algorithms and software.

Professional Honors

- Fellow of the AIAA, 2017-present
- Fellow of the Institute of Navigation (ION), 2014-present
- 6 best paper awards at AIAA and AAS international conferences
- ION Burka Award for best paper in Vol. 52 of Navigation, 2005
- ION Tycho Brahe Award, 2013

Significant Achievements of Group

- GNSS/GPS spoofing and detection trials aboard the White Rose of Drachs superyacht
- RAIM-resistant GPS spoofer
- 2 GPS spoofing detectors, one tested successfully against live attacks by a RAIM-resistant spoofer
- Galileo GIOVE-A L1 BOC(1,1) PRN code determination & first publication
- GPS/GNSS software radio receivers for new signals including GPS L2C and Galileo L1 BOC(1,1)
- New estimation & filtering algorithms including 2 singular filters, a sigma-points smoother, a new type of Gaussian mixture filter for general nonlinear problems, and integer estimators
- COrnell Wire BOom Yo-yo system (COWBOY) with 6 successful rapid boom deployments on 4 sounding rocket missions
- Attitude determination Kalman filter/smoother for recovery of partially failed ALEXIS spacecraft mission
- Weak-signal GPS acquisition algorithms used in NASA's high-altitude Navigator GPS Receiver

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- White Rose of Drachs Superyacht GNSS spoofing & detection adventure blog
- Videorecorded lecture on GNSS spoofing & detection at ENAC in Toulouse, France
- UT/Austin Radionavigation lab of Ph.D. alumnus & close collaborator Prof. Todd Humphreys


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